My Experience With Amazon Baby Registry

Last month, I tried to register for Amazon Baby Registry to try keeping my baby shopping list in one place. Since I am expecting a baby next month, I am doing this to get insight into the items I have to get before having to go through giving birth. However, I have found out more benefits from using Amazon baby registry than just keeping my baby shopping list.  

What I like the most about the Amazon baby registry is the sharing feature. Not only listing your shopping list, but you also get to share it with your friends and family. Thus, they know exactly what you want to get or what you have already got before they give you things. This will eventually lead to a better understanding. Your friends and family would not be confused about trying to buy the perfect gift. They can just take a look at your baby registry and choose the item with the exact model and brand that you want. In my case, it is actually very effective for saving me from spending too much for the baby to come. 

Creating an Amazon baby registry account has totally been a wonderful experience for me. Despite its functionality, it is also good to keep my mind stress-free during the time of expecting. With the Amazon baby registry, I get to browse unlimited baby necessities from all kinds of brands. You don’t even have to go anywhere. I can just sit around all day and pick stuff without having to move a single foot from my comfy sofa. 

From my experience, Amazon Baby Registry offers a lot of features. You can get free samples, discount prices, and etc. Here are some of its best features that would blow your mind away as it did to me. Enjoy! 

Completion discount

This is a feature that will get you a 10% discount from a single time purchase. Because I am a prime member, I get an extra 15% off for my completion discount. Amazon will notify you on how to use it by emailing you. Don’t forget to use it before 60 days. The ticket will automatically expire in 2 months. 

Free two-day shipping

One of the benefits of becoming a Prime member is you get free two-day shipping without minimum purchase. But if you don’t want to register for prime membership, you will still get this advantage by making a purchase for more than $25. 

Welcome box 

This is definitely the best feature from Amazon Baby registry. So, here’s how you get one of these. First, you have to register yourself as a prime member. Second, you need to purchase one item from the Amazon categories and checklist. Third, you need to have someone else make a purchase for $10 from your own registry. If you manage to get all of them correctly, Amazon will send you a box full of freebies, you can try out with your babies.To spice things up, Amazon welcome box comes with its mystery. You wouldn’t know what was inside until you opened one. So, what are you waiting for? Make your own Amazon baby registry account right now! 

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