Guide to Plan Your Perfect Wedding with Hassle-Free

Actually, planning and preparing for marriage is very fun. You can design your own dream wedding.

Dress up beautifully in a gown and suit makes you feel like king and queen of the party. Entertain the invitees with a perfect dining and fun concept wedding that makes everyone happy. 

A Dream Wedding

Receiving free stuff for life after marriage is the most awaited. But undeniable that you get the stuff that you don’t really need and they’re not useful.  

Amazon wedding registry will organize this part. You can custom your need items, and the guests purchase it for you. 

The Amazon Wedding Registry

A Wedding Registry Guide Page  with Jennifer Lawrence
A Wedding Registry Guide Page with Jennifer Lawrence

Not only selling goods, but Amazon offers this excellent service idea. Giving something useful from invited guests to the bride and groom is a traditional culture of most people and Amazon took this opportunity.

This service has been designed to act as an intermediary between the couple and guests. The couple creates a list of things that they need or desire, and the list will be distributed to their guests. The guests can be easily known what the couple needs precisely.

Highlight Features

More than a wish list, Amazon give you more benefits.

Partnership with the most notable wedding magazine
Partnership with the most notable wedding magazine

1. All in One

You can find a lot of universal registry and millions of gift options. From small items to experiences with a lot of options. Don’t worry, and just make a list.

a list of perfect items

2. Big Discount and Gifts

Who doesn’t want a discount? You will get 20% off one time discount for remaining things after your wedding. You can take this opportunity by add items that you know your guests might not purchase it for you. Non-Prime members will receive 10%.

Hassle-free with popular items

You will get free returns within 180 days on registry gifts, and if your guest is Prime members, their gifts ship free.

Turn on Group Gifting so your wedding guests can go in on the big-ticket items on your registry.

3. Alexa Skill

This is a new feature, and you should try it. You can use the Wedding Registry Skill on Alexa to add a welcome message & share your wedding day itinerary. 

4. Prioritization

You can set your priority gift. Mark the items with high or low priority so that your guests will know what items you really need.

5. Accessible Easily

Almost all people have a Prime account, and it will be easier for you and for your guest. If the invited guests are unable to attend, they can still provide gifts for the couple.

6. Purchased Record

Purchases items made by guests will be recorded automatically and easy to follow up. It will not be lost and under your watch.

10 Steps to Create Your Amazon Wedding Registry

Amazon wedding registry homepage
Amazon wedding registry homepage

To create your wedding registry, you can follow the steps below:

1. Open the link Amazon Wedding Registry. You can press the link at the end of this article.

2. Press Create Your Registry button.

3. Sign in with your Amazon account. If you don’t have an account, you can create your account first.

4. Amazon will ask you to fill in some questions such as your name and your partner, wedding date, number of invited guests. You can add more items from other sites.

5. Select or add new address so that all gifts can be sent by the third-party shipper.

6. You can set your registry to be public or private. Choose public if you want it searchable on but select private if you want it visible only to yourself.

7. After you’ve registered, add gifts to your registry.

8. Create a personalized link to share your registry with family, friends, and of course, your partner.

9. Keep track who send you a gift so you can send thank you notes.

10. Get your remaining items discount after the wedding.

How to Add Gifts to Your Registry?

1. You can browse the items and click a button “Add to Wedding Registry” on every product detail page, and it will add to your registry automatically.

2. You can use the Gift Advisor. It will make product recommendations based on your preferences, bestseller, and price levels.

Shipping and Tracking

Prime and non-Prime members can get their free shipping. Non-Prime members will get free standard shipping if minimum registry orders more than $25 but Prime members get free two-day shipping on specific items. 

Cost and speed of shipping depend on membership status, and specific item ordered. You can track your gift by finding a registry option.

Fast and Easy Return

You can return your unwanted gift within 30 days delivery for a full refund with specific conditions. Start gift return by using the order number and click search.

Special Discount

Get it now!!!

Having remaining gift on your list will be a good opportunity for you. You can get your best deal with the best price using one-time use promo code. It will save your budget cost. Just enter the code and check out your items.

For Prime Members

With purchase items $500-$1,000 worth you will receive a 20% discount with maximum discount $200 on one order.

If you purchase $1,000 – $1,500 worth, you will receive a 20% discount with maximum discount $300 on one order.

For Non-Prime Members

With purchase items $500-$1,000 worth you will receive a 10% discount with maximum discount $100 on one order.


l Invitee members or trial /Prime Student

l The items sold by sellers that’s not from Amazon

l The guests don’t take any purchase

l Create the registry less than 30 days before the wedding

Reviews of Amazon Wedding Registry


Amazon supports the couples. It doesn’t force you to buy the items only in Amazon site. You can select the items from another site. Just press add the gift to your Amazon Wedding Registry button.


The feature doesn’t need much effort, just click share the registry link via email or other social media. Guest can easily open and buy registry. After they made a purchase, the system will automatically be updated, and you can send them. Thank You.


Amazon has a lot of options, and you are free to add products from other sites or third party sites. You will get free shipping anyway.

For more information, please visit the link below. Get your best experience now!

Get it now!!!

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