Pampering Your Watching Time With Amazon Prime Video

This has been an era when people cannot do many activities outside because they need to protect and keep themselves healthy for the sake of the world’s better. It impacts on how people try to find another activity to do rather than romanticizing their boredoms. In an attempt to seek home activities, people nowadays figured out that watching is one way to kill boredom. People started to look into something they can spend their time watching in. This makes the presence of subscription video-on-demand (VOD) paramount these days, following people’s needs to spend their time at home.

Amazon Prime Video: another perfect product from Amazon

Amazon Prime Video web based page

SEA countries are one of the subscription VOD markets that it is seen by the demand of SEA populations who like spending time watching some series and movies online. So, it is common to see so many subscription VODs recently showing up, one of them is Amazon Prime Video. Most people think that Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. Still, apparently, they also have Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Video, which can fulfill people’s entertainment needs. Just like the common subscription VOD, here’s to get to know more about Amazon Prime Video.

As you can tell by the name, Amazon Prime Video is one of standalone Amazon products, which is about subscription VOD and provides streaming TV shows and movies with monthly payment. This was launched in 2006 in the US named Amazon Unbox, and they changed the name 2 years after to be Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video came and freely accessed in SEA countries since 2016. Similar to another subscription VOD, Amazon Prime Video has its original productions, either it is for series or movies as well. Now, you have some kind of thoughts that you know about another subscription VOD you need to explore more.

Amazon Prime Video: Tons of Accessible TV series and Movies

Amazon Prime Video Windows 10 client app. source PCMag

People started to recognize that Amazon Prime Video produced many series and movies which are very worth watching. According to Uproxx, Amazon Prime Video has a lot of good TV series that you should try to watch if you are stepping your trace to start watching; they are The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Patriot, Fleabag, Good Omens, Sneaky Pete, and many more. The series might not be as famous as others’ (which comes from the other subscription VODs), but if you try to search those series, people who have been watched the shows giving a good score that you can see on IMDb or Rottentomatoes. Prove it by yourself!

Enough with the series, now let us dive into knowing more about Amazon Original Movies. Not only have so many incredible series, but Amazon Prime Movie shows its best production towards movies as well. Digital Trends wrote down many movie recommendations that were coming from Amazon Original with many types of genres. Starting from Manchester by the Sea (2016), which surprisingly got 6 nominees of Academy Awards nominations and got 2 awards-winning, which was Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. This could be a great opportunity and stepping stone to improve all the movie quality by the time they’re producing original movies.

Amazon Prime Video with a curated list of contents. source Globalnews

You can try watching the other movies such as CHI-RAQ (2015), I Am Not Your Negro (2016), The Big Sick (2017), The Vast of Night (2020), and many that you can browse by yourself on the web. Both TV series and movies are the best options when it comes to killing time. But, every person must have their own most interest. If you really can’t keep up with the series that basically need more time for you to be spent (as we know that it includes so many episodes, even seasons!), then watching movies is the best option. You can one-time watch it and spend your time as it is needed. But, if you’re in the condition that you don’t have something much to do, then TV series is coming as the best one. Your day won’t still empty because you have so much watching list containing many Amazon Original Series awaited.

Amazon Prime Video: sport-focused subscriptions

prime video premiere league
Amazon Prime Video: with live English Premier League matches

If you think watching Amazon Original Movies and Series are not enough for you, Amazon Prime Video provides another service that you have ever imagined, especially for you who have more interest in sports. Due to on-demand content, Amazon was chosen to be the host of NFL games on Thursday nights during the 2020-2021 season (if there are no changing schedules). It is all covered as an NFL streaming service. Other than that, Amazon Prime Video also lets the subscribers subscribe to many existing sport-focused subscriptions, such as MLB.TV, NBA League Pass, and PGA Tour Live. This really gives you many benefits so that your references to watch are well-expanded only by one subscription VOD platform.

Amazon Prime Video: Subscription method

Amazon Prime Video: membership plan with free trial

As we’re talking much about the kind of shows that Amazon Prime Video has, there is something you need to know, and this one identifies that this subscription VOD is different from the others. Amazon Prime Video offers subscribers with the option of “rent or buy” for selected TV shows and movies. If you are going to pay for “buy”, you can stream the series/movies you watch for as many times as you want, and even you can download it too. Then, suppose you are thinking that “rent” is your option. In that case, you will have a three-video-stream limit only in one device, and it can’t be replayed three times again simultaneously. It means that you can replay one video three times, simultaneously, in the same account. You also can download the series/movie even you are just renting it. But, you cannot watch the downloaded series/movie simultaneously with a different device.

Amazon Prime Video: let’s subscribe!

To subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, you can start from USD 5.99 per month. You can enjoy watching all the available videos or go to rent and buy it if you need more to watch. No pressure is given because you also can cancel your subscription whenever you like. With all of the service benefits met in Amazon Prime Video, this indeed recommends you pampering your watching time!

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