Is Amazon Music Unlimited Worth the Hype?

Is Amazon Music Unlimited Really Worth the Hype? - My Honest Review

What's happening? Amazon just launched Amazon music unlimited in 2019. The music streaming app made its competitors on edge with only a year after its launch.

What’s happening? Amazon just launched Amazon music unlimited in 2019. The music streaming app made its competitors on edge with only a year after its launch. on-demand music streaming app that gives you unlimited access to millions of songs that you can play or download. It is suitable for those who are often traveling and can be used when there’s no wifi.

By hearing the “unlimited” word, of course, you can guess that it is advertising free. So, no worries for those who hate to listen to those annoying adlib voices are definitely for you.

The Unlimited Music Streaming Service

amazon music
Listening to Amazon Music Unlimited

Actually, if we want to look at Amazon’s music journey, Amazon already owned Amazon Prime Music, which was included with Prime Membership. By being a prime membership, you can enjoy listening to the songs with no additional cost. The main difference between Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited is that Amazon Prime Music has around two million songs. In comparison, Amazon Music Unlimited has approximately sixty million songs. Yes, that’s why it’s called unlimited since it has 30 times more choices than the Prime one. And over 60 million songs should be more than enough selection for a music app.

Before you decide to buy or not to buy an app, it is inevitable that you want to know the special features, what’s so good about the app, and why I should install it. In a second, you will get the answers to all your curiosity. So, let’s get it started.

Feature: with a personalized AI-based music assistant

Combine it with the power of Ale

What are the features that Amazon Music Unlimited has? First, it, of course, has million of playlists and songs that you can hear according to your mood. From pop, jazz, R&B to alternative rock or heavy metal. If you want a genre that suitable for your kid, it has children’s lullaby music. Feeling musical? Try listening to broadway. Not really sure about the song you hear from a movie? Just looking for a soundtrack playlist. It has almost every genre that you want to listen to. While for the catalog itself it is categorized by a new release from various genres and various artists. As for the search bar, you can search by song title, artist, albums, or genre. What good about Amazon Unlimited Music is they have the algorithm based on the music you previously listened to. Just in case you forget the title of the song you want to listen to, if you are lucky enough, Amazon might be a good helper for you based on the algorithm.

Play the music with whatever the device you have

Play it with your smartphone

This app is compatible with iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa devices, Amazon Fire TV devices, Amazon Fire TV stick, Amazon Fire tablet, and Roku devices. It enables you to listen from the smartphone, computer, tablet, and smart TV. Amazon Music Unlimited also can be used with Alexa devices like smart speakers, which allow you to search a piece of music you want to hear with your own voice. By just merely saying, “Alexa, please play me Justin Bieber song from 2015!” you surely can get what you want.

It also has scrolling lyrics, so you don’t have to worry that you will be missing to hear your favorite song’s lyrics. It’s great to sing along as well.

A complete sport live shows from your music apps

Live sport

Oh! We almost missed out on the feature that can’t be found in other music streaming apps, Football live session! We also don’t really understand why Amazon put this feature on the music app to be very frank with you. However, if you are a huge football fan, this feature might be beneficial for you. You can listen to your favorite song while checking for your favorite club’s match.

The subscription money, will it worth every penny?

Why should I switch to Amazon Unlimited Music now? I already enjoy my current app. Does it have a better, cheaper price?

Unfortunately, there’s no price leader in this market, darling. Almost all platforms have the same price. It’s the cost that is believed to cover everything you need. But, worry not, because it is Amazon. Amazing enough to make a special package for you to give you a spectacular offer, which finally makes you feel that price will worth every penny. Please, pay attention carefully.

Save it more! with share it with your family

Amazon music family plan, try it for free for 6 accounts

If you are single…… no. What we meant is if you are using a single device, the price is USD 9.99/month. If you want a lower price, you can opt for the Family plan, which costs USD 14.99/month and can be connected up to 6 devices. Imagine, you just have to pay around USD 2.5/month. Just ask your beloved family and friends to join, and your pocket will thank you later! Not to mention, if you are a student, you can get the price for USD 4.99/month. Such a win-win deal.

Oh, dude, you must be missing one point! How about us, the prime customers? I already registered as a Prime customer. Will I get a special offer as well? Worry not, because you will. Enjoy unlimited access with a special USD 2 discount. By paying USD 7.99/month, indeed, it will be the lowest price among any other platforms.

Understand than love it, with free 30-days trial period

It’s hard to say no for this app if we look from all aspects such as features, selection of songs, and package plans. It seems impossible that such a large enterprise will give a mediocre service. However, there’s always a first time for everything. We are not suggesting you directly buy the package plan regardless of whether you are already sure or not about using this app because, hey, there is a free trial for 30 days. Yes, 30 days. The whole month. 30 days are long enough for you to learn about something new, get used to it, and decide whether you’ll love it or not. It’s a granted privilege, and you’d instead not take the waste out of it. We can say that after 30 days of trial, you will understand why you should have this app.

Get your free 30-days unlimited music now!!

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